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Acting Dean — Mikhail Y. Blinkin


Academic Supervisor — Nadezhda Kosareva


Deputy Dean — Ivan Medvedev


Programme Coordinator of Urban Development and Spatial Planning — Irina Nemgirova


Address: 13, bld 4 Myasnitskaya str., Moscow 101000,
Phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90 ext. 12-605, 12-610
Email: city@hse.ru

Digitalising transport in Russian cities: today and tomorrow

Krupenskiy N., Trofimenko K.

Intelligent Transport. 2018. Vol. 2. No. 2. P. 4-7.

Book chapter
Connecting Morpho to urban vitality: the case of Moscow

Kotov E., Goncharov R.

In bk.: Book of Abstracts. 25th ISUF International Conference: Urban Form and Social Context: from traditions to newest demands. Krasnoyarsk: 2018. P. 164-164.

Working paper
Urban Public Transport Development in Russia: Trends and Reforms

Ryzhkov A., Zyuzin P.

Urban and Transportation Studies. WP BRP. Препринты ФИ, 2016. No. WP BRP 05/URB/2016 .

Tribal Land: the workshop by Theo Deutinger

«Game Changers 2: Tribal Land» workshop led by Theo Deutinger, architect and researcher. Using research-based design, they explore Moscow's Belyaevo district in order to understand, how different groups of local citizens can influence the urban environment, adapt to and change it

Students during the workshop at Shukhov Lab

These groups are the "new tribes", and it presupposes that they have own rituals and habits. 
To dive into the world of "tribes" within Belyaevo district, students started their work from meeting with the specialists. At Shukhov Lab Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov (HSE) spoke about anthropological methods of exploring the city and its social groups. Denis Romodin took a tour of Belyaevo and talked about its citizens and structures. Dmitriy Oparin (HSE) told the students about migrants and Muslim community, and Anton Kalgaev («Strelka») spoke about folk art.

On the last day of the workshop, students will share the whole story of Belyaevo and the New Tribe with the experts from Graduate School of Urbanism and Strelka Institute