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Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism (GSU) is a learning and research division of the Faculty of Urban and Regional Development of HSE University. Founded in 2011, the School takes a multidisciplinary approach towards studying and planning modern cities, using the excellent foundation that one of Russia’s top universities has formed in the humanities and socioeconomics. The School’s mission is to create a centre in Russia for learning and research in urban studies and urban planning. It is envisioned that this centre will respond to the needs of the 21st century city and the corresponding era of megacities that are home to tens of millions of people with diverse interests and aspirations.

School in Figures

  • 175+ 

    enrolled students every year

  • 150+ 

    experts in various fields of urban development

  • 20+ 

    partnerships with international and Russian organizations and universities

  • 70+ 


  • 350+ 


  • 10+ 

    expeditions to Russian regions