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Academic Supervisor: 'Urban Planning' Programme — Oleg Baevskiy


Academic Supervisor: 'Urban Development and Spatial Planning' Programme — Ruslan Goncharov


Academic Supervisor: 'Transportation Planning' Programme — Elena Koncheva


Academic Supervisor: 'Prototyping Future Cities' Programme — Vicente Guallart


Address: 13, bld 4 Myasnitskaya str., Moscow 101000,
Phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90 ext. 12-605, 12-610,
12-368 (transportation planning),
12-150 (PR & communications)
Email: city@hse.ru

Book chapter
Real estate expropriation in Russia: Statutory regulation and enforcement

Kosareva N., Polidi T. D., Baykova T. K.

In bk.: Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Issues in Expropriation. ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 2018. P. 298-320.

Working paper
Urban Public Transport Development in Russia: Trends and Reforms

Ryzhkov A., Zyuzin P.

Urban and Transportation Studies. WP BRP. Препринты ФИ, 2016. No. WP BRP 05/URB/2016 .

The winner of Vysokovsky Scholarship 2017/2018 has been announced

Vysokovsky Scholarship of the Higher School of Economics is awarded  to the students of the Graduate School of Urbanism who conduct research and contribute publications in the field of city planning, urban studies or urban regulation. Those candidates who specialize in the research areas of Alexander Vysokovsky gain an advantage.

Elizaveta Bespalova, a second-year student of the Master’s Programme ‘Urban Development and Spatial Planning’

In November 2017, the expert committee of the HSE Graduate School of Urbanism awarded Vysokovsky Scholarship 2017/2018 to
 Elizaveta Bespalova, a second-year student of the Master’s Programme ‘Urban Development and Spatial Planning’. 

My research interests are three-fold: mathematical modelling of the spatial structure of the city, student accommodation (spatial distribution and formats), and municipal finance. While my research in the first area is primarily theoretical, the findings in other areas might have direct practical application helping Russian cities to develop.

As part of my thesis work, I focus on the budgeting systems of Russian regional capitals. In the beginning of 2000, Alexander Vysokovsky did research on  the income of Russian municipalities in order to find a way to expand and diversify its sources. In my thesis, I analyze 80 regional budgets from 2013-2015 and also search for additional sources of income. I try to develop effective strategies for municipal budget planning. This year my work is focused on measuring the impact of land and property poliсies on the resilience of municipal budget.

Elizaveta Bespalova, 
the winner of Vysokovsky Scholarship 2017/2018