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Address: 13, bld 4 Myasnitskaya str., Moscow 101000,

Phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90 ext. 12-604, 12-605,
12-368 (transportation planning),
12-150 (PR & communications)

Email: city@hse.ru


Supervisor Kirill Puzanov

Academic Supervisor: 'Urban Planning' Programme Oleg Baevskiy

Academic Supervisor: 'Urban Development and Spatial Planning' Programme Ruslan Goncharov

Academic Supervisor: 'Transportation Planning' Programme Elena Koncheva

Academic Supervisor: 'Prototyping Future Cities' Programme Vicente Guallart

Book chapter
Producing differences, connecting people: Symbolic construction of post urban places in distant residential areas of Moscow, Russia

Mitin I.

In bk.: 6th Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places. 6th-9th May 2019: Proceedings. Manchester: Institute of Place Management, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2019. P. 66-70.

Working paper
Urban Public Transport Development in Russia: Trends and Reforms

Ryzhkov A., Zyuzin P.

Urban and Transportation Studies. WP BRP. Препринты ФИ, 2016. No. WP BRP 05/URB/2016 .

The Art of Geographical Description in Urban Studies

A new issue of ‘Urban Studies and Practices’ Journal has been released

We are starting the new year by releasing a new issue of our journal called ‘The Art of Geographical Description in Urban Science’. It analyses the connection between urban studies and socio-economic geography and how the city can be explored through field studies. The results of field observations and the skills of geographical description are an integral part of the professional toolkit of urban planners and urban researchers, and it is indeed the field work that communicates the diversity and integrity of urban space and urban environment.

‘The Art of Geographical Description in Urban Science’ is a tribute to the memory of Leonid Smirnyagin (1935-2016), a professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University and HSE Graduate School of Urbanism. Dr Smirnyagin was a passionate geographer and expert in American urbanism whose contribution to the development of urban studies in Russia has been invaluable. He encouraged urban field research at the MSU Faculty of Geography and nurtured several generations of urban geographers in Russia. The present issue includes the articles of his disciples and followers along with the description of his research methods.

Vol. 2 · #2 · 2017 can be purchased in the bookshop of the Higher School of Economics (БукВышка).

It is also available for download from our website free of charge.