Shukhov Lab will take part in ‘Open City’ conference

‘Advanced Urban Housing Prototype’ will be presented at the Museum of Moscow during the largest conference on architectural education and career

Residential block prototype

Residential block prototype
© Mikhail Dmitriev / Higher School of Economics

The largest annual conference ‘Open City’ dedicated to architectural education, career and urban development will be held at the Museum of Moscow on 27-28 September. Within the event there will be an exhibition on modern and outdated architectural trends where Shukhov Lab of the HSE Faculty of Urban and Regional Development will present ‘Advanced Moscow Housing Prototype’ for 1000 people.This model is based on the principles of the distributed city development and considered as a single organism with its own metabolism, which is connected to the neighboring self-sufficient areas through the distributed network. To learn more about the prototype, go here.

In addition to the main program of the conference a series of events on architectural education and the development of Russian cities will be organized in Moscow. On September, 24 Nadia Khort, head of Shukhov Lab and coordinator of the international master program ‘Prototyping Future Cities’, will talk about about new formats of research and educational projects in Shukhov Lab and their role in the professional development of young architects. Stay tuned!