Bishkek 2040 Design Project by HSE Students

The students wrote, ‘Working on the concept we tried, not just to suggest ways to improve Bishkek’s environment but to create conditions so that all the systems in the city can function together harmoniously, based on the principle of steady growth. We feel the important thing to make it possible to transform the mechanisms of a planned-command economy which, to this day, still govern the life of many cities in the FSU, into mechanisms for steady development. Until that work is done, we won’t be able to give a positive answer to the question we ask in our proposal - are post-soviet cities ready for change?

The project was presented at a roundtable at the Students Urban Summit 2015: Understanding the Urban Environment in the Third Glazychev Memorial Readings on 26th February. The project was part of an accompanying exhibition where an open vote awarded it first place.